Party bag fillers for a 5-year-old

A great kids party will become a treasured memory for the birthday child and their friends. I loved the parties I had at home best. When I was five, we had a magician and he pulled a rabbit out of my Mum’s cooking pot making us all scream with shock, brilliant!

Party themes and party bag ideas

Each 5-year-old will have their own idea of what is fun and magical so their party theme should be up to them! Here are a few kids party ideas to spark their imaginations.

Astronauts and space

Outer Space Rockets Loot Bags Boys

A pack of party loot bags with a rocket theme.

Space crayons

A dinky little set of rocket crayons. Incredible value and so cute! A fab birthday goodie bag idea.


Dinosaur Party Favors

Stuff these awesome glittery dinosaur bags with a sachet of hot chocolate, a small packet of marshmallows and some fudge pieces. They make great kids party bags. 


Pre Filled Personalised Ballerina Party Bags

A gorgeous set of pink ballet themed jewellery. These girls party bags arrive ready-packed which make life super simple. Your little ballerinas will love them.

Personalised Ballerina Ballet Bags

Pretty paper party bags will ballet dancers on the front. Stickers are included for personalisation. Goodie bag ideas to fill them include sweets, chocolates, birthday cake and glittery balloons. 


Rainbows are an excellent theme if your party is in a church hall or large room that needs decorating before it is party-ready. Bright table cloths, bunting in primary colours and bold splashes of colour across the tables will help you make a cheerful impact on the room. 

Rainbow Party Parcels Bags

Pre-filled and wrapped in rainbow colours these party packs are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ideas for party bags we have found. 


Place these at each child’s seat for the party tea. Allowing them to do a bit of colouring on a plain white tablecloth is a clever and unusual children’s party idea. 5-year-olds don’t sit still for long and this just gives you an extra 10 minutes for a cup of tea. 

Individually wrapped Vehicle Crayons

The colourful masterpieces they create might just make a great keepsake and memory of the party for your child.


Themed Paper Bags

Fun, Lego-themed paper party bags for kid’s birthdays. Fill them with funny party fillers like bouncy balls and puzzles. Invest in some personalised stickers for the front to complete your cool kids’ party favours. 


Personalised gifts are thoughtful as they take a little extra effort. This delightful fairy-themed jewellery set is one of the best girl’s party bag ideas I found. 

Personalised Fairy Bracelet Gift Kit

They are a little more expensive than other gifts but if your 5-year-old is only inviting a few friends for tea these would be perfect. 

Party games and prize ideas

Pass the parcel 

A classic children’s party game that requires nerves of steel from the parent in charge of the music! Trying to stop the parcel so that each child gets a sweet is pure stress. However, it’s worth it to see their happy smiling faces unwrapping pre-filled party cones full of sweets from their layer.  

Large Clear Cellophane Cone Bags

Make your own cones with party sweets, ideas include mini marshmallows, Smarties and Skittles, and coloured cellophane cones. They also make great party favours for kids to munch on after their party tea. 

Sleeping lions

This game is a work of genius! It was no doubt invented by a Mum or Dad desperate for a break from the noise and chaos of a five-year-old’s birthday party. 

Buy a mixture of boys and girl’s party bag fillers to use as prizes.

Treasure hunt

Cool party bag ideas should make your party a little bit quirky and special. A treasure hunt is one of my own children’s favourite party activities, so much fun!

Hide the goodie bags for kids at the party around the venue, set clues and watch them enjoy finding each of your party bag filler ideas in turn. 

3D Stickers 40 Sheets Puffy Stickers

This works best with cheap party favours such as stickers as you’ll need a lot of them to make a long-lasting and absorbing treasure hunt. 

No hassle pre-made party bags

Save yourself the hassle of buying the goodie bags and all the party bag favours to go in them. You’ll save money, stress and postage by sourcing the party bags UK websites sell that are already filled with toys and games. 

Safari Pre Filled Party Bags

Wild animals are a favourite subject for lots of 5-year-old children and these would make fun but cheap party favours. 

Eventabox Pre Filled Sweet Cones

Sweets should be a treat and a birthday party is a good excuse for children to indulge. These tasty pre-filled sweet cones are sure to wow your party guests. 

Party bags for a 1-year-old -party bag fillers for babies and toddlers

If you’ve invited little ones to your five-year-old’s birthday bash, you will need unique party bags just for them. Cheap party bag fillers than would be OK in party bags for 6-year-olds may be unsafe for tiny tots due to small pieces. 

Cloud party bags

Party bag books would be suitable and gratefully received. Small, chunky books would fit nicely in cute and unique party bags such as these. 

Party bags for a 10-year-old – goody bag fillers for older children

The birthday boy or girl may have older siblings with friends that they want to bring to the party. They may be too cool for joining in with the silly songs and games, but they will love their own gift bag of kid’s party favours. 

Party bag ideas for tweens and young teenagers are best found on websites such as Etsy and The best party bag fillers are personal so search for small, individual gifts based on their interests and you will make even the grumpiest teenager smile.

Mirror Lightning Bolt Brooch / Pin

This pin badge is a magical children’s party bag idea for any Harry Potter fan.

Flamingo Mini Cross Stitch Craft Kit

Things for party bags for older kids needn’t be hard to find! This craft stitch kit is a funky idea for crafty girls. There are a few designs of these, my favourite is the flamingo. 

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