Guide to finding the cutest hen party sashes

It is coming up to the time for the ultimate hen do! Time to let loose and have a wild night of fun before the Bride’s big day! So much to think about, location, guest list, decorations, accessories…

Hen party sashes are a typical must-have at a hen party. They are the perfect accessory for the Bride and even her guests to wear. 

Not only are they a great accessory, they also make fantastic keepsakes to remember this fun-filled event by.

Here are some of our favourites:

White and gold ‘Bride to be’ and ‘Team Bride’ Sashes

This stunning multipack contains one ‘Bride to be’ sash and thirteen ‘Team Bride’ sashes. Made from premium quality white satin with an elegant gold font. Making them easy to match with any outfit. With this multipack, you will also receive a matching bag and a free e-book guide on organising a hen do. 

Rose gold ‘Team Bride’ pack of 12 sashes

Elegant and simplistic, these sashes are perfect for a rose gold theme. They are cute and classy. You will receive one ‘Bride to Be’ sash and the other eleven will have the slogan ‘Team Bride’ in gold font with cute hearts at the end of the slogan. The sashes themselves are a rose gold colour.

Black, white and gold ‘Bride Tribe’

This multipack contains one white and gold ‘Bride’ sash and nineteen black and gold ‘Bride tribe’ sashes. Made from satin with a cute arrow design either end of the slogan. These sashes are elegant and they compliment any outfit. 

Floral rose gold ‘Team Bride’ sashes

These sashes are elegant and sophisticated with a gorgeous floral design, and a stunning rose gold ‘Team Bride’ slogan. They are available in a pack of 6. Made from durable paper with a gorgeous pink ribbon fastening design. 

This company also has an entire selection of matching hen do decorations

View the range here

Mint turquoise ‘Bride tribe’ sashes

These sashes are unique and sophisticated. You will receive one white satin sash for the ‘Bride to be’ and 7 turquoise satin sashes with the slogan ‘Bride tribe’ both with gold coloured font. Featuring Boho arrows, a diamond ring and hearts also in gold.

Black and pink Sashes

These are the perfect sashes if you are on a tight budget and have a large party for your hen do. They are simplistic and made to suit most themes. They are all black with a subtle pink font. 

Personalised Disney themed hen party sashes

Could you get any cuter than a Disney themed hen party? These Disney themed sashes are just perfect! Available in a choice of 14 colours and can be personalised with the text of your choice. You can also choice between 8 Disney characters to feature on your Sash, two different Disney fonts and whether you want your design just on the front or back as well. These completely customisable sashes are incredibly cute and at a completely affordable price.

‘Bride to be’ lace sash

This sash is unique, sexy and elegant. Made completely from black lace, this sash will look great with any outfit whether it is casual or dressy.

Personalised sash with matching veil

This sash is available with a matching veil. Making it a super cute accessory set for your hen night. It can be completely personalised with an option of adding text to either a blank sash, a ‘future Mrs’ slogan or ‘soon to be Mrs’ slogan sashes in a choice of 7 colours.

Personalised vintage rose style sash

This elegant pink rose vintage sash is super cute. Made from cotton and can be personalised with 9 choices of text, some of which can have surnames added on for an extra price. It is adjustable so fitting it to you perfectly is simple. 

‘The one where you get married’ Friends themed personalised sash

Who doesn’t love Friends, such an iconic programme from the 90’s. What better than to have a Friends themed hen do? These sashes are perfect for a Friends themed party. Available in a choice of 9 colours for both Bride and her guests, and also can be personalised with the Brides name. Made from 100% polyester.

Blue vintage floral

This sash is unique, cute and elegant. Ideal for a vintage style hen party. It is adjustable to fit you perfectly and can be personalised with the Bride’s surname also with 9 different slogan’s to choose from.

Leopard print ‘Bride to be’ personalised hen night sash

This chic and cute sash is available in a choice of 5 colours for the material and a choice of 4 colours for the text. It can be personalised with any words or dates below the slogan ‘Bride to be’ with leopard print covering part of the front and all of the back.

What is a sash?

Sashes are a decorative strip of material that goes over one shoulder and around your waist. They typically have a slogan on, for example, ‘Bride to Be’ all depending on the type of event and theme.

Sashes are available in various materials, colours and styles. Some can even be personalised. 

They make a great accessory for any type of party, they make you stand out from the crowd and also make a great item to keep as a remembrance of the event.

Sashes are available for everyone, you can get them to suit each persons role in the wedding or just something cute and simplistic like ‘Bride tribe’ that all the guests can each wear.

They are completely budget-friendly and are available in many high-street or online retailers.

As you can see, there is a wide range of hen night sashes available in many different styles. Most of which have several colours and personalised options to choose from. 

Depending on your theme choice, some retailers also offer many different decorations and accessories to match with your sashes.

Have a great time!

We all know planning an event can be so taxing on the brain, especially when you’re planning two at once! Both the wedding and hen party are very costly, time-consuming and tiring but both are the most incredible experiences of your life and so worth the months of planning. 

There are so many options available in-stores and online so finding the perfect decorations and accessories to suit your theme is easy! 

Do not hold back, go all out and turn your dream into reality! 

Have a fantastic time at your hen party, and most importantly have the most remarkable wedding possibly!

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