Football party bag ideas and fillers

Football is life! The beautiful game is a source of excitement for kids and adults alike and that needs celebrating.

A football themed party is a great idea for lots of reasons! 

  • One of the classic birthday ideas for kids – football mad kids of all ages will love it 
  • A house party with friends to watch The Champions League Final
  • The 40th Birthday bash of a dedicated season ticket holder 
  • Celebrating the promotion of the Sunday League team to play for 

So, what to put in party bags? They aren’t just for kids you know! Party bag fillers are a great way of saying thank you to your guests for coming and the best party bag ideas are unique, good quality and useful. 

We’ve put together a short shopping guide to guarantee your football party bags with hit the back of the net. 

The Basic Kit

Children’s party boxes that are perfect either as an alternative to plastic party bags for children’s party favours or as a fun way of serving birthday tea

Football Party Favors

Kids gift bags that are fantastic value and will hold lots of sweets and treats for the party guests.

Tesco Football Cake Each

A tasty football themed cake for a fantastic price. Perfect for ‘Happy Birthday’ and cutting up and placing in party bags for 8-year-olds.

Napkins – Football Theme

These retro style napkins are a cool party idea for 10-year-olds and 60-year-olds alike. They could just as easily wrap cake or catch the drips when pouring red wine. 

Kid’s Party Bag Rules 

The rules of kid’s party bags are there for the sanity of the party planner, the party child, the guests and the parents of those guests. 

  • Don’t spend lots of money. This is not the time to show off
  • Avoid filling the party goody bags with tonnes of plastic tat. It will be played with once, lost and will go in the bin within a week
  • Pick just one or two, good quality and thoughtful items, some sweets, a balloon and a slice of birthday cake
  • Make sure all the party guests get the same. They will check, compare and it will cause trouble. 

Party bags ideas for girls and boys

At a football-themed event, and indeed at most other parties, party bags for boys and party bags for girls should contain the same. Both boys and girls will watch and enjoy football the same way so there’s no need to scour the internet for pink football sweets. 

Football-themed stationary 

Football Pencils with Eraser Tip

If you’re after cheap party bag ideas then head to Amazon and you’ll find lots of pens, pencils and tiny notebooks. 

Party favours for boys and girls should be useful and these are more likely to end up in a school pencil case than the bin. 

Sweets and chocolate loot bag fillers

Sweet bag ideas for boys’ party bags and as girls’ party favours include:

  • A paper bag full of foil wrapped chocolate footballs 
  • A few bars of delicious chocolate tied with team colour ribbons 
  • This cute little set of football shaped chocolates. 

Gift Box Of Football Chocolates


The Little Book of Football Jokes

Books would make for unusual party bags and would be appreciated by both kids and parents. A single volume of a football story with curling ribbon round is a great alternative to party bags. 

Party bag ideas for adults

Maybe your party is for an adult’s birthday or is simply to honour your love of football. If so, you will be searching for some totally different party bag ideas. 

I love this idea! Present your guests with a snazzy new water bottle with a couple of miniatures of their favourite spirits tucked inside. 

Net World Sports Water Bottles

In fact, they would work just as well filled with chocolates such as Smarties or Celebrations and used as party bags for 7-year-olds. 

Birthday party bags from a football themed party need little more than an actual football, you’ll just need very large party bags! Any sport mad adult would love the opportunity for a kick about in the garden or park with their kids or mates, this is a great gift. 

Mitre Impel Training Football

Birthday party bags from a football themed party need little more than an actual football, you’ll just need very large party bags! Any sport mad adult would love the opportunity for a kick about in the garden or park with their kids or mates, this is a great gift. 

Unique party bag ideas

Unusual party bag fillers will make sure that your party is remembered fondly by the guests. If you just go for one gift per bag you can afford to spend a little more and websites like Etsy and Not On The High Street are the perfect place to find something quirky and special. 

Fifa socks

These socks would make brilliant party favours for kids and adults who adore playing FIFA. 

Personalised Football Gift Tins

I absolutely love these! Football themed, personalised and your guests will keep them forever. You’ll need to order a few weeks before the party but your guests will really appreciate the thought. Unusual party bag ideas don’t come much better than this.

Alternatives to party bags

Party bags are traditional but that doesn’t mean you can’t start a new trend by thinking of some ideas instead of party bags.

Don’t Google ‘party bags for 4-year-olds’ to find unusual party bags ideas, think birthday favours instead of party bags. 

At each child’s seat at the party tea table put out a small gift. Party favours for kids work the same as wedding favours. This will work better as an alternative to party bags for 8-year-olds and children older as they are less likely to throw their gift around the table during tea. 

World Football Stars Top Trumps Card Game

Something like a pack of Top Trumps would be perfect.

If you are worried that the children will be upset not to receive the usual gift at the end of the party, then a good idea is to give them a selection of the party food that was left alongside their slice of birthday cake. Party food bags full of treats will be a teachable moment 

Party food bags to take home unfinished but still delicious party food will become a teachable moment about food waste. 

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