Decoration ideas to plan an exquisite christening party

Christening theme ideas

Christening themes are only limited by your imagination. An elephant or rabbit theme would be perfect for a child who adores animals. Are you and your family in love with Harry Potter? One of the coolest christening ideas I have seen was a very cute witches and wizards themed party that would be remembered by your family forever. 

Elephants. There is something unexplainably adorable about a baby elephant. There are plenty of christening décor ideas to be found with this theme. 

Neutral colours. Christening parties with an elegant neutral theme may seem difficult to dress as there is SO much pink and blue. However, don’t give up! It is out there! Think ‘birthday party’ rather than Christening and you’ll find bright, primary colours and muted greens and yellows. 

Pink and blue. Candy stripes and polka dots in baby pink or blue would give a classic look to your Christening party. Decorations for christening parties in pink or blue can also be bright and bold for a funky look. 

Peter Rabbit and vintage Winnie the Pooh. Both ideas for christening party theme would give a gorgeous, traditional look to your baptism decorations and table settings. 

Christening invitations

Either the invitations can match with the baby christening decorations you have chosen or be totally different. Remember, close friends and family will cherish their invites to your baby’s christening reception so choose something beautiful. 

Vintage Roses Christening Invitation Template

These personalised invitations would be perfect for an elegant countryside church service and afternoon tea reception.

Christening Baptism Invitation Tags Teddy Bear

I love the rustic look of these teddy bear invitations. 

Christening invitations

Either the invitations can match with the baby christening decorations you have chosen or be totally different. Remember, close friends and family will cherish their invites to your baby’s christening reception so choose something beautiful. 

These personalised invitations would be perfect for an elegant countryside church service and afternoon tea reception.

I love the rustic look of these teddy bear invitations. 

Christening table decorations

A large neutral room in a village hall can be difficult to decorate and create impact. 

  • Fill the room with trestle tables to display the buffet, showcase the christening cake and eat and drink at
  • Use those tables to create colour, pattern and texture and make your room look fabulous! 
  • Christening table decoration ideas can be used on the tablecloths, tableware, centrepieces and confetti
  • If the room is very big then only put tables in half of it, this will create a cosier feel. 

Christening tableware

Disposable Paper Table Cloths / Table Covers

Tablecloths in bold, plain colours will be a fantastic background for all your other ideas. 

Christening napkins

Pink Orchid Pattern Paper Napkins

These delicate pink orchid napkins would look lovely at a christening with a simple pink theme. I also think they would be delightful for wrapping slices of christening cake in for guests to take home.

Christening paper plates and napkins and cups look amazing when they are all part of the same theme. When working out how many christening paper plates you need and don’t forget to include a good amount of spares for displaying the buffet food and serving nibbles. 

Disney Bambi Tableware

This vintage-style Disney’s Bambi tableware is just gorgeous. I love the unusual but very beautiful colourway. You can buy as much of it as you need. From just a few plates to the entire tableware collectio n and matching decorations. This flexibility within the order is really useful when planning a party.

Baby Miffy Decoration Supplies

The delicate blues, lemon and cream on this Baby Miffy tableware are stunning. They make it one of the most delightful colour ways of boy’s christening decorations UK retailers sell. This range can be ordered in the same flexible way as the Bambi range. 

Table confetti

Biodegradable Rose Petal Wedding Confetti

Rose petals are a great alternative to the standard paper or metallic table confetti. It is biodegradable, eco-friendly and comes in a stunning range of colours. 

Christening centrepieces

  • A fabulous table centrepiece is the best christening decoration for making your guests go ‘Wow’
  • For elegant christening party decorations, choose vases of flowers or potted house plants. They don’t have to be expensive just go to the local market or supermarket
  • Helium balloons attached to table weights add height and pizazz 
  • If one of your christening theme ideas is teddy bears then buy some large matching teddies, tie a big ribbon in your colour theme around their necks and place them in the middle of each table.  

Party Table Centrepieces Balloon Weights & Chair Tassels

These pink weighted centrepieces with chair tassels are simple but effective. Add cream helium balloons on curling ribbon.

Christening decoration ideas

Create a magical theme in your home or hired function room with christening banners, decorations and balloons. 

Personalised Balloon Vinyl Decel

Personalised balloons are great value and will fill a lot of empty space with someone unique and pretty. 

Christening Banner In Rose Gold

A personalised banner bought from websites such as Etsy or NotOnTheHighStreet will be good quality and can be ordered to say exactly what you need it to. Gold or silver will look fab against a plain wall.

Fabric Bunting Handmade

Garlands of fabric bunting are vintage christening decorations. These neat triangles of loveliness have been adorning special occasions in English homes for hundreds of years. Buy plain, patterned or personalised and bring them out for all future birthday or garden parties.

Christening favours

The christening favours UK retailers sell aren’t particularly varied. Favours are not one of the baby christening ideas to have become a tradition in the UK. A buffet rather than a sit-down meal is the tradition for christenings in the UK, so favours aren’t practical. 

However, if you do want to give your guests a small gift to mark the occasion, then these are lovely options.

Personalised Candle Favours

Personalised candles serve as a reminder of the candle given to the christened child in church during the service.

Personalised Christening Gift Bag

Choose a simple gift of some delicious chocolates presented in one of these pretty gift bags. 

Baby Shower Gift Box

Handmade and so gorgeous, they are perfect for sweets, chocolates or sugared almonds. 

Christening cake decorations

A show-stopping cake surrounded by christening decorations will create a focal point in the room. A simple two-tier cake iced in white or cream can be decorated in the same theme as the christening party and matched to the christening table centrepieces.

Personalised Naming Day Topper

A personalised cake topper will look fantastic on the cake and be an item you will always treasure.

Peter Rabbit Style Handmade Edible Cake Topper

This Peter Rabbit cake topper kit is adorable. 

Great value Christening party kits

Buying cheap christening decorations is simple if you order one of these kits. They include table decorations for christening parties, the tableware, napkins and everything you could need to make your room look fabulous. 

Neviti ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ Party Supplies Tableware Design

Inspired by a classic children’s book, this ‘Guess how much I love you’ party kit is excellent value.

Umbrellaphants Baby Shower Essential Set

Baby pink elephant christening decorations ideas for table and the room. There are enough place settings for 32 people.

Something a bit special

These quirky ideas for christening parties are fun, unusual and will make your guests smile. 

Personalised Christening Signs

Christening reception ideas don’t come much more useful than this! Make sure your guests find the party venue with ease.

Personalised Christening Birthday Party Peter Flopsy

A signed guest book is a wonderful keepsake for you and your child. Remind your guests to sign and write a personal message. 

HUIBO Balloon Garland Arch Kit

Balloon arches look fabulous and make a big statement in a neutral room.

Ten New Baby Chocolates For Christening Baby Showers

Chocolates shaped as babies?! A very cute welcome gift for your guests. 

Planning your baby’s christening – a quick guide

Where will it be held? 

  • At your local parish church 
  • At the church you were married in 
  • At the church you or your partner were christened in. 

Contact the vicar or priest at the church you have chosen, they will be happy to guide you. 

Who will be the Godparents?

This is an important choice as they will hopefully be a special part of your child’s life. 

  • Your child must have at least three Godparents
  • There is no upper limit but three or four is usual
  • Two of the Godparents must be the same sex as the child and one at least must be of the opposite sex. 

The service 

The Christening service usually takes place at the end of the usual Sunday service. It is sometimes possible to have a private christening but check with the church first. 

  • A bible reading to begin and then a prayer 
  • The parents, baby and Godparents come to the front of the church and solemn promises are made 
  • A sign of the cross is made in holy oil on the child’s forehead 
  • Blessed water from the church’s font will be gently poured on the child’s head. This is the baptism. 
  • The child is welcomed into the church with prayers repeated by the congregation 
  • A candle is lit for the child. 

You don’t have to have been christened yourself in order to have your child christened. 

The christening party, reception or celebration meal

Celebrating your child’s christening is a lovely way of spending time with friends and family to create special memories. Here are some christening party ideas:

  • A meal at a restaurant or pub 
  • A party at home. Christening supplies such as invitations, favours and balloons will be needed!
  • Hire a function room or a village/church hall and adorn it will christening balloons and decorations
  • Have a lavish picnic in the park or a BBQ in your garden. 

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