Best personalized party bags for a child’s birthday

A favourite and treasured gift is usually one that shows that the giver has put thought and effort into it. Most party gifts given to guests at the end of a birthday party are fun but throwaway items. The emphasis seems to be on the amount of ‘stuff’ in the party goodie bags rather than the quality. 

Personalised party favours are an excellent idea for party bag gifts and they needn’t be too expensive. Focus on one or two useful and thoughtful party favours, one being a little bit special, a slice of cake and a balloon and you have the perfect party gift bags for your guests to enjoy. 

Personalized party favour bags

Make the birthday goodie bags themselves personalised with clever and great value products. Choose plastic-free bags such as fold-down top paper bags as the smooth, stiffer surface is easier to personalise. 

Rainbow Watercolour Stripes Red Sticker Labels

Stickers saying ‘Thank you for coming to Amy’s Party’ to stick on the party favour bags will make your child smile. With these, you can buy your gift bags cheap and still make them special. 

7 White Gift Bags with Scratch Paper Panel for Customisation

These are a fantastic goody bag idea for personalising each bag full of favour gifts with the guest’s name.

Personalised Children’s Party Gift Bag

Simply gorgeous bags that, when filled with a slice of birthday cake and tied with a ribbon, are gift enough!

Birthday themes and favour ideas

Personalised party bags will work with most party themes. Wild animal party bags are fab as jungle themed 1st birthday party bags. A Unicorn birthday party would be a lovely, colourful event and there are oodles of pretty gift bag ideas to choose from. 

  • Jungle animals. Bold, bright colours and cute creatures 
  • Unicorns. They are everywhere! Pretty, pastel colours and a touch of magic
  • Fairies. Sparkly, glittery and fun 
  • Paw Patrol. Favourite characters, adventure and primary colours 
  • Football. A classic! Green, black, white and your favourites team’s colours 
  • Super Mario. Go retro with these energetic, jolly characters 
  • Disney/Pixar. So many classics to choose from and everyone has a favourite 
  • Sport. Cricket, rugby, football or netball? Theme around your team or the sport itself
  • Llamas. Quirky, colourful and cheeky 
  • 1st Birthday. Baby party bag ideas could include be keepsakes for the parents rather than toys. 

Personalized party gift ideas

A birthday party isn’t all about party bags, but most children love the little bag of goodies they get as they are saying goodbye. Make sure the kids’ favours given out at your child’s party are remembered and appreciated. 

You don’t have to spend lots on your DIY party bags as these ideas will show.

What to put in a party bag that needs to suit both kids and adults? A colourful personalised key ring is a great party favours idea for only £3 each. 

Personalized Keyring – Personalized Keychain

These mini baking kits can be personalised with the name of the birthday child or the guest. They are also a lovely thought as baby party bags for the guests at a baby shower or gender reveal party. 

Personalised Party Bag Chocolate Chip Cookie Baking Mix

What to put in a party bag that needs to suit both kids and adults? A colourful personalised key ring is a great party favours idea for only £3 each. 

Personalised Gift Pencil

For a traditional party favours idea that won’t cost the earth, have a look at these personalised pencils. You can order individually with a different name on each. When presented in cheap party bags made of coloured paper and combined with a few lollipops and sweets they would make a cute little gift.

Party bag alternatives

A book with a handwritten message is an idea that I love and can be used as birthday party favours, alternative baby gifts at a baby shower or as party favours for adults UK. Choose the book that suits your party, wrap it in striking paper and you have party bags to go! 

Childrens Puzzle Books Loot Party Bag

These books from eBay would make great cheap favours for a birthday party on a budget. 

Personalised Girls Flower Pencil Case

For older girl’s who have a birthday sleepover planned, this is one of the best party favours UK retailers have to offer. It’s likely you’ll have fewer guests so your budget will be higher and the price tag of these beautiful personalised cosmetic bags will still be affordable. 

Where to shop?

Amazon, Etsy, NotOntheHighStreet and Ebay are great places to start shopping. Choose your theme, leave time for ordering, work out a budget and off you go!

Are there too many party favour ideas and you’re finding it difficult to know where to start? Google ‘party bags uk’ and the volume of shopping results are incredible. You can buy ready-made party bags, find endless party bag gift ideas, shop for plastic sweet cones and even find party favours for adults. 

To help you choose, we’ve curated a list of the best ideas and personalised products for the party favour bags at your child’s next birthday party. 

Get the personalization right first time – a few tips!

  • If you are personalising pre-made party bags, stickers or children’s favours for your guests, then do a little research to make sure that no-one is sad when their name is spelt wrong or they don’t have a gift
  • If you’re inviting your child’s school friends, ask the teacher to double check the names on the class list are correct and use that
  • Put a little note at the bottom of the invitation for the parent with your email asking them to check their child’s name spelling and let you know if there is a mistake 
  • Invite early so there is time to get replies in, buy goody bags and request your personalisation. If you’re not sure if a child is coming, order anyway and use the gift as their birthday present if they don’t come. 
  • Check and double check when you order. Don’t do it under the influence of wine. Get your partner or a friend to sit with you while you do it.

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